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Available Sizes:

Ash White, Aquamarine, Azurite, Chorus, Coral Blue, Ocean Blue, and Pine Green
27" x 95" 17.81 square feet per slab
27" x 118" 22.12 square feet per slab
47" x 95" 31.00 square feet per slab
55" x 118" 45.07 square feet per slab
mix colors
Antartica, Carmel, and Harmony
27" x 95" 17.81 square feet per slab
47" x 95" 31.00 square feet per slab
all sizes available in 16mm, 20mm, and 30mm thickness
16mm thick option
special order item that will take additional time to produce
requires a minimum order of 250 m2
Emerald and Sky … 16mm, 20mm and 30mm thick slabs at 1200mm x 2400mm and 1400mm x 3000mm Cloisonne … 16mm, 20mm and 30mm thick slabs at 1200mm x 2400mm
Snow … 12mm thick x 1000mm x 10000

Antarctica (L-409)
Harmony (R-618) Caramel (R-612)
Azurite (G-510) Ash White (W-205) Chorus (R-611)
Pine (G-101) Aquamarine (L-408) Coral Blue (B-307)
Ocean Blue (B-619)
Snow (S-807)  
Cloisonne (C-801)
Sky Emerald (G-103)  
National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials Test Report

Report No.:200890754
Test items
Standard index
Test results
Individual conclusion Test standard/method
Bulk density
Pass GB/T19766-2005
Water absorption
Specular gloss
Bending strength
Compression strength
Shore hardness
───── GB/T9966.5-2001
Linear thermal expansion
───── GB/T3810.8-2006
Vickers hardness
───── GB/T16534-1996
Moh's hardness
───── JC/T872-2000
Chemical resistance
Resistance to acid
No obvious change in surface,K≤0.2%
No obvious change in surface,K≤0.08%
Pass JC/T872-2000
Resistance to alkali
No obvious change in surface,K≤0.2%
No obvious change in surface,K≤0.07%
Radionuclides(A class)
Internal exposure index IRa
Pass GB6566-2001
External exposure index Ir

Glass2 is a high-grade, environmentally forthcoming building material for countertops, bar tops, vanities, cladding and paneling. It can be used for both indoors and outdoors applications. Glass2 is resistant to weathering and it is made from inorganic materials. Glass2 is produced of 99% fused recycled glass and is resin free. This material is easy to clean and 100% non-porous. The glass2 thickness is available from 16mm to 30mm and the fabrication is similar to natural stone fabrication. Glass2 can also be supplied with an integrated wire mesh. The wire mesh is used typically in cladding installations.

All the cuttings must be done using water. The proper speed, blades and flat table beds are prerequisites for clean cuts, with no chips. The glass2 company is providing recommended saw blades to our master distributors. We recommend our blade, but you could also try various different brand names blades and test them to find which is the best option for your machine. Usage of a medium bond diamond blade gives the best results. Extremely hard blades for granite are not recommended for cutting the glass2, as this will cause large chipping and may even cause the slab to fracture. Used, dull or inappropriate blades can cause damage to the slab.
The recommended glass2 saw table is made of wood. If using a stone/concrete saw table, it must be very clean with no stone fragments. If the stone table is not perfectly smooth then we recommend using a 1 inch plywood sheet over the table as a level, clean surface. Utilizing the plywood is a very good precaution even if the concrete/stone table seams flat.
A piece of scrap quartz/marble is recommended to be placed adjacent to the glass2 slab at the end of the saw rip. The cut from the glass2 slab should continue into the scrap quartz/marble. This allows the blade’s energy to be transferred to the quartz/marble and will help protect the corner of glass2 slab. Slow cutting and high water volume should always be used.
The best cutting result is reached by using a water jet.

Hand cutting should be done utilizing water. If water is not available (especially at the installation site) alternative blade cooling must be used. The installer can utilize a wet rag/ carpet and lean it on the blade. The glass could be cut dry but it might cause large chipping and breakage. Hand cutting should always be done with water when fabricated in the shop. Water fed tools that cool the blade from both sides works best when making all cut outs.
It is necessary to wear safety glasses and a mask to prevent possible injuries. Water fed cutting will help prevent injuries from occurring. When performing any cutting, never put too much pressure on the blade. The fabricator should allow the blade to perform the work and this will produce a very nice cut. Hand cutting blades should also be supplied with a medium bond diamond.
Electrical receptacles cut outs should be handled with ultimate care especially if 2cm material is used. If the cut outs are performed at the job site, the blade must be water cooled or breakages may occur.

For performing the grinding by hand, we recommend aluminum backing cup wheels with medium bond diamond. Aluminum backed wheels limits vibration and is softer than steel backed wheels. This type of the wheel gives a very smooth grind and will minimize chipping. It is not recommended to use aggressive diamond tools. To get a straight polish for glass, grinding is not needed. The polishing should begin from 100 grit pads and up. The grinding cup wheels will be used only for fabricating non-straight edges (bevel, round, etc.).
L-Shaped countertops require 3/8”radius on all inside corners. Straight cuts should be avoided.

Glass2 has very good polishing qualities. Polishing is very simple and is very similar to granite polishing. The difference is that glass2 is a consistent material so there are no soft & hard spots with in the material. Polishing can begin with 100 grit pads and continue all the way to 5000 grit. Stepped polishing will achieve a smooth finish without waves or ripples. There is no need for buffing or waxing. Dry polishing should be avoided, even on the job site.

Water should be used for cooling while drilling, as well as performing cutting and polishing. Before buying a special drill bit, you should test the ones you already use for marble and granite drilling. The best results are medium continuous rim, bond diamond drill bits. Glass2 will drill very smoothly as long as proper speed and new water fed drill bits are used. Avoid twisting and extra pressure while drilling. Special care should be given during drilling.

Handling of glass2 is the most important instruction, and these are very significant details. Here are some tips:
a. For all steel frames, in the shop or outside, use rubber or wood to avoid any contact between the glass and the steel.
b. When moving slabs, avoid hitting or banging.
c. All steel working tables should have rubber/wood as well.
d. During loading/unloading, extra caution should be used to prevent the hitting of the metal or concrete, or having any pieces of glass or stone in the between slabs.
e. Since glass2 does not have flexibility like marble or granite, it is very important to protect any kind of bending, tension and stress during clamping/ strapping. Make sure there are no frames or the table movement while clamping.
f. Just like stone, the large pieces should not be carried flat.

Glass2 seaming requires the same procedures as natural stone seaming. Glass2 is offered with two types of coloring patterns: dark opaque and semi-translucent. For dark colors, clear silicon is used and installation is no different than natural stone installation. For semi-translucent colors, we recommend using a water clear silicon only. It is very important because other types of silicon will exemplify the seams when back or under lighting is utilized. It is important to note that glass2 is not as flexible as natural stone. Therefore with regards to leveling, pressing one corner to achieve level on another area should be avoided. Regular wood shims can be used to level. Once installed, galss2 will be very strong and durable. Due to the non porous nature, sealing or waxing is not required.
Laminations should be attached with epoxy. On larger laminations, silicone must be used.
Cladding applications should utilize the glass2 with wire mesh backing. Special clips and anchors can be provided. Note: the wire mesh backing is not visible from the surface even if back lit.
Under mount sink installations should not utilize under mount sink clips that require drilling into the glass2. Silicone should be the only adhesive used to attach the under mount sink. If a garbage disposal is installed to the sink, the garbage disposal must be supported from under the machine.
Sink fixture installation should be done with ultimate care and over tightening of any parts coming in contact with glass2 should not occur.

Glass2 although very durable, may have scratches or chipping occurring especially during the fabrication process. Both scratches and chips can be repaired by the following:
Laminations should be attached with epoxy. On larger laminations, silicone must be used.
Cladding applications should utilize the glass2 with wire mesh backing. Special clips and anchors can be provided. Note: the wire mesh backing is not visible from the surface even if back lit.
Scratches- Cerium Oxide (utilized in glass industry) applied to scratch and buffed out.
Chips- Edge chips can be filled with clear liquid polyester or clear epoxy. Colored edges will require a regular colored epoxy and applied with the same technique as on natural stone. Surface chips on the polished finish are difficult to repair just as natural stone is. Water Clear Glue should be applied and buffed. Please note that glass2 reacts like a marble if a heavy product (cooking pot, large bow) impacts the surface. The product will not shatter but a chip could occur.